2002 Karen Koshgarian


Training in NonViolent Communication through BayNVC or Oakland, CA,
approximately 50 hours plus weekly practice group, 2003

Certification as Personal Thinking Patterns™ Consultant, 1999; 10 month Certification Training Program with Institute for Multi-Dimensional Learning, (1999)

Human Services Professional working full-time with Adults with Developmental Disabilities, (design and implementation of individual educational/program plans), 1982-2000

Staff Trainer developing and presenting workshops and in-services since 1992

Michigan Secondary Provisional Teaching Certificate, 1982

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and French Language, Studio Art minor, Hope College, 1981

Metaphysics and Holistic Health

Hypnotic Anesthesiologist Certification: 10-hour course, Motivational Institute of Hypnosis, San Diego, CA, May, 2006

Medical Hypnotherapy Certification renewal: 10-hour course, Motivational Institute of Hypnosis, San Diego, CA, May, 2006

Massage Certification, 100 hour course including Breathwork and Massage for persons with life-threatening illness, Body Electric School, Oakland, CA, March 2004

Medical Hypnotherapy Certification: 16-hour course, Center for Hypnotherapy, Oakland, CA, June 2001

Hypnotherapy Certification: 200 hour course, Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Santa Rosa, CA, September, 2000

"Vision, Creativity, and Intuition" Parts I and II, (week-long workshops studying Energy Medicine and Archetypal Life Patterns with Caroline Myss, PhD. and Norman Shealy, MD and PhD.), 1998

OrthoBionomy ™ workshops totaling over 150 hours; OrthoBionomy™ is a bodywork style which addresses physical positioning and the energy field by "listening to" and supporting the natural self-healing of the body and emotions; 1993-2000

Vivation® Training (breathwork/feelings integration technique), 1994

Body Electric School of Massage, (8 days of workshops on Tantric Breathing and Taoist Massage), 1992-4

synthesis and practice of Acoustic Massage, 1992-present

percussion: trance percussion for scenes and large group rituals
"Drumming and Feminist Spirituality for Men", 1992
"Djembe I", (12 week course), 1993
individual and group percussion experience, 1992-present

miscellaneous coursework, self-study, and practice: Psychism, Animal Communication, Pastlife Regression, Astral Projection, Trancework, Stone Medicine, Divinitory systems, etc.; 1991-present