Individual Coaching

"Heron is a true healer.   He is intuitive, insightful and a really caring listener.  He has helped me with fear around a test for work that I had to take and other personal issues as well.   Each time he seems to have an endless amount of skills that he uses and some that he teaches me so that I can help myself as well.   He is a very gifted practitioner and healer.  I highly recommend Heron!"

— Carol G. / San Francisco, CA (6/12/2011)

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"Heron is a unique, intuitive, empathic, kind, caring, learned and special person and a true gentleman.  He has an innate ability to get to the root of the issues in a compassionate manner that opens your eyes without guilt or shame.  

First and foremost he is a teacher.  All his techniques are aimed at providing you with ongoing tools to use long after your therapy has ended.   This is without question his greatest gift.  

I can say that Heron has helped me work my way through a very dark period in my life.  I am much more confident now knowing techniques that help me every day to deal with life's ups, downs and curve-balls."

— Russell D. / San Francisco, CA (6/16/2012)

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"You were so helpful that night. You really helped me over the bridge."

— Client who had Animal Communication and Individual Coaching services during pet cat's health crisis

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"Perceptive, connected, respectful, and insightful are words that come to mind when I think of the body/energy/hypno work I experienced with Heron. His integrity and intent hold a light that guides the sessions..... With his work I feel supported and enriched. I'm grateful for the self-awareness and movement of old stuck patterns that I have experienced. For example in a recent session, I was able to bring completion to a facet of a relationship with a parent in a way that contributed to both her and my growth and wholeness, giving me more access to who I truly am."

— Occasional bodywork and hypnotherapy client since mid-90's

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"I can't begin to fully express how much I appreciate you and your intuitive gift and guidance as you facilitate my 'discoveries' through hypnosis and bodywork. Today was especially powerful for me in a positive way. Amazing how it really is like an onion, where once a layer is peeled off, something quite unexpected is discovered. I am enjoying the work we are doing together and finding it much more successful, proactive and useful than anything I've tried in the past. Its so freeing to work through all of this and discover myself and my body."

— Client working on relationship with food and self-esteem issues, 2006