Group Facilitation

PTP Sphere

I really love to bring my awareness and resources to the dynamics of a group and subsequently make a contribution to how you move forward toward your goals!! My training and experience bring "outside the box" insights and strategies to your organization, as I observe and scrutinize your meeting dynamics, listen deeply and objectively, make vital observations, and pose forward-looking and comprehensive questions and suggestions.

…Feeling “stuck” and want to get a fresh perspective that shakes things up and gets them moving again??
….Got an interpersonal dynamic going in your group that needs unknotting? You might want to hire me to come in and cut to the chase.

I can also provide your organization assistance through clear presentation of principles, practical exercises, and actual application to strengthen its internal creative and communication processes, such as:

If you are fond of the status quo you will definitely NOT want to have me visit your group!! If you’re ready for a gentle, powerful, kind, and impartial consultation, consider what this contribution is worth to you and get in touch with me to arrange some help. You’re not under any obligation to take my suggestions but I guarantee that you will find my participation and insights unsettlingly refreshing and stimulating. You’ll know where to go from there with more clarity, self-connection, and connection to each other and to actualizing your goals.

Pricing: This work is priced per job. I especially love working with non-profits. So even if you don’t have a lot to spend, let’s get in touch and arrange something that meets both our needs.

Would you like to attend my workshops at reduced rates? How about for free?

Interested in arranging a workshop for your small group?

We can work out an exchange or reduced rate for your organizing and promoting the event of your choice. Just register 8 – 20 attendees, secure a suitable space (such as someone's large living room or a public meeting space) and handle registration at the event. Contact me for specific details.

This tends to be a great win-win situation for everyone!!