Philosophy + Manifesto

I experience and respond to life holistically.  To me that means recognizing five dimensions of any given person or thing, each of which connects to the others:  mind, emotions, body, spirit or attitude, and will or intention.  These form a web of interconnection.  Each is a perfect expression of the person or entity in that moment.

I see “teaching” as facilitating someone’s growth.   My methods are forms of “listening” to and supporting the natural, energetic wave movements of the above five domains within the individual.   Each domain can be known through the others, and its state changed through working on a parallel structure in any of the others.  (For example: if you desire to release a long-held, postural body pattern you might approach it through a combination of bodywork and exploration of belief systems; a person could approach changing a spirit of fear into one of courage with work on thought patterns and sound vibrations;  if you wanted to develop motivation for a specific life change, breathwork and emotional awareness exercises might pertain; etc.)  Together, these techniques work powerfully!

I believe in the interconnectedness of everyone and everything.  I value and seek to promote personal responsibility, consciousness at all levels, balance, freedom of movement, relaxation, and joy. I believe that any individual or group can learn to transform and grow at will and I am interested in working with those of like mind.