The story of becoming my authentic self has been like the growth path of a bird taking flight. The early part of my life was contained and potent like an egg in the nest as I spent a lot of time alone with my mind and feelings. My family moved state to state almost every year of my childhood due to my Dad’s job. I was a curious, smart, affectionate, and adventurous little sweetheart.

Most of my childhood I was like a voracious baby nestling: A wiggle-wort, seeking lots of movement and connection and always hungry for beauty and knowledge and nourishment! I loved building things and playing outside and exploring the edges… I was aware of and fascinated by how people managed or failed to communicate with each other. Music became a friend.

My adolescence was full of trickery and traps and confusion, like that of a fledgling about to make a first dive into flight. I was long aware of being sexually queer, and was learning about myself as a personally- and systemically-political radical, taking early steps toward the leap for sexual, social, intellectual, and spiritual power and freedom. I spent lots of time in the woods around my Connecticut home and with wild and pet animals. I started to connect with a desire and practice of teaching others.

My young adulthood was a leap into utter open space. I went to college in Michigan, went through an intense depression as I shifted from external to internal control of my life, came out in touch with myself and promptly discovered visual arts, my body, sex, and communication. I studied Art and French language and Secondary Education at school. I balanced myself through conversation and harmonic melody and could play ragtime piano in the dark. By experimenting with broader consciousnesses I connected myself to intuitive, global knowledge. I traveled and expanded and flapped wildly. Heading into religion I eventually found my spirituality, a marvelous blend of Christian / pagan / New Age-without-the-smarm / Buddhism / shamanism and pay-attention-to-what-works practicality.

…Lots of wing-strengthening flight and finally I have climbed to a height and openness to be able to soar. I love adulthood! Life is so rich and full for me. Every year I become more fully self-aware and integrated and whole, hitting my share of bumps and riding my share of updrafts! I have learned a lot about making satisfying connections, having fun, giving myself adventures, contributing in my right way. It’s a delicious blur, it’s chilly and warm and fresh. After 18+ years as a professional Special Educator I am in private practice as a Holistic Learning Consultant and Hypnotherapist. I live by the ocean in San Francisco, and my relational and creative lives are flourishing.