Manage Your Weight

Manage your weight consistently & pleasantly with respectful, effective hypnosis!

Hypnosis publicity and endorsements:

Numerous scientific studies have emerged in recent years showing that the hypnotized mind can exert a real and powerful effect on the body.

The Wall Street Journal
October 7th, 2003

In 1958 the American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of clinical hypnosis as an effective way to stop smoking, lose weight, relieve stress, build self-esteem, accelerate healing, manage pain and otherwise improve people's lives.

The American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV) also approve the use of clinical hypnosis as effective and valid.

Researchers like Helen Crawford of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute have found:

The biological impact [of hypnosis] is very real and it can be quantified.

Welcome! I can help you get on track with managing your weight!

One of the great and frequent pleasures of my professional Holistic Hypnosis practice these last nine years is helping people develop satisfying, effective, and especially enjoyable relationships with both food and their bodies! In addition to working successfully with literally dozens of individuals each year who wanted to lose weight, become more fit and healthy, or just look and feel better, I know that these techniques work because I have used them with success for nearly 15 years to shape my own body and self-care habits. It's really thrilling and satisfying to watch as people relax into new patterns of eating and exercise that revolve around kindness, self-care, and dignity rather than belittlement, terror, shame, or whatever else may have underlain the habits — conscious or not — relating to how they formerly fueled and nurtured their bodies.

I'm no Mr. Universe — never will be, and don't want to be — but I remember what it's like to be out of shape with a body weight and posture I'm unhappy with, and I also know the joy, relief, and pride of making friends with both my body and with food, entering into healthy, fulfilling relationship with both, and gradually shaping my body into something I genuinely like. I'd love to help you do the same! I have had some great help along the way and I love to be there with respect, realism, encouragement, honesty and great mental resources to support others like you in cleaning up and strengthening their own relationships with food, exercise, and often lots of other related issues that may be tucked away in the deep, subconscious mind.

So, good news, folks: Help is available and at hand. You are going to love this!

Hypnosis benefits for weight management/fitness:

  1. Quiet your impulses to eat as you learn new somatic feeling states that you like
  2. Support you in calm, positive relaxation & stress management
  3. Explore and neutralize remnant, ingrained neurological patterns relating to underlying emotional connections with food
  4. Identify & establish new, healthier habits with a focus on your right to enjoyment
  5. Unearth initial sensitizing events that laid a foundation for the habits and responses you have grown tired of, and clean them up once and for all!
  6. Squash food cravings (a "take home" technique I teach you!)
  7. Integrate any other concurrent changes you want to make in your life, to prevent "substituting" another unhealthy behavior for any you're leaving behind
  8. Firm up your multi-conscious awareness of both hunger and the satisfaction of hunger
  9. Let you mentally "practice" your future healthy patterns lifestyle for eating, exercise, whatever YOU choose!
  10. Tone and hone your self-esteem in any way relating to your body and level of fitness

This fresh, holistic, participative, work feels good and gives you the permanent, long term success you want.

My Weight Change & Fitness Hypno package involves three sessions ($275) or five sessions (for just $450) — a great deal by Bay Area standards where most pro Hypnotherapists do 60 minute sessions for $125 a pop — and if you want any additional follow-up reinforcement Weight Management sessions within 6 months to support you staying on track, you get them for a substantial discount — just $75. Got a friend who wants to make this journey with you? Additional discounts for duo or small group sessions when you bring someone else with you! Contact Heron to discuss which package will best meet your needs for support and success!

Hypnosis and Energy Therapies have proven track records for supporting people in shifting to realistic and healthy change that results in reaching desired weight within a lifestyle that feels great to you from your heart all the way out through your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, to your body.

I'm a certified Hypnotherapist and Medical Hypnotherapist as well as a certified bodyworker (CMT) and can help you get off the hamster wheel of old, unfulfilling eating patterns and onto the right track of loving yourself and shaping your body in a way that works for you. This is comprehensive work that covers your feelings, memories, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and includes training in EFT to get you through challenging moments from a professional practitioner who is kind, honest, and brings you the resources you need to take your steps toward health!

What are you waiting for? Got questions or concerns? Free consult call to discuss what this involves and what you can expect with ZERO obligation or pressure — guaranteed warm, helpful, respectful, and human-like-you, professional support: reach Heron at 415-706-9740.

Please ONLY pay for a session that you have already agreed on by phone or email or in person with Heron and before the session takes place, thank you.


$275 / Weight Change & Fitness Hypno package (3 90-minute sessions)


$450 / Weight Change & Fitness Hypno package (5 90-minute sessions)


$75 / Follow-up Reinforcement session (within 6 months)

Hypnosis gives you more confidence.

— Psychology Today

U.S. Olympic athletes use hypnosis to win.

— Detroit Free Press

Still need convincing? Check this out:

The greatest success in providing lasting change occurred with Hypnosis (93% recovery after 6 sessions), followed by behavior therapy (72% recovery after 22 sessions), and then psychotherapy (38% recovery after 600 sessions).

— Psychotherapy Magazine
Volume 7, Number 1
Alfred A. Barrios, PhD