Hypnotherapy Stories


A nine year old violin student was beginning a new phase of his playing by taking on a longer and more complex piece than those he had previously played. He wanted to do well with it. There was one section right at the beginning of the new piece that he was a bit worried about because it had lots of notes played quickly in rapid succession. In hypnosis we set it up that he would play each single note perfectly with his body and breathing relaxed and then get to go outside and play for about a half hour. Then he would come inside and play the next note, relaxedly and perfectly, then again go play for a half hour. On and on, note by satisfying note. He did not consciously recall the session.


+++ TIP +++ Headache quick remedy

If you notice the beginning of a headache, sometimes you can release it by yourself as follows: taking some relaxed, deep, complete breaths (are we starting to see a pattern here !?!?!), guess where on your surface of your head is the nearest point to where the pain is. Breathing, always breathing, place the “pad” of one finger (i.e where the fingerprint is) lightly on that point of your face or scalp. With the tiniest of movements of this “monitoring finger”, explore moving the pain point in the four directions up down right and left (or for some people its easier to think of it as north south east and west). And I said TINY movements, and gentle ones!!! It is likely that one of these directions, with just the smallest movement of your hand, will feel like it eases the pain you have been feeling. Hold it in that direction and take a few deep, complete, slow breaths for a minute or so, releasing your finger from your face or scalp.

I hope you feel better!