Stone Medicine Stories

meditation on orange blossoms

+++ TIP +++ Quick Body Scan / “painful” emotions

Life experiences often bring up emotional states in our tissue that communicate the meaning of the experience to us. Sometimes we lock onto those emotions. If there is an uncomfortable one that won’t release, you may want to locate it in your body and notice details about it, while breathing deeply and relaxedly. If say, you are tense or scared after someone yells at you, notice where the fear is — your throat? Your belly? Your chest? Somewhere else? And notice the quality of the sensation in that region — if the tension is in your forehead for example, is it particularly cold or warm? Neither? Does it feel like rubber or like steel or like concrete? Is there any other association with it? Notice the details and simply breathe while you are aware of them. Often the emotion will integrate when you are ready to move on from it. Hopefully you can learn what it had to tell you if there was useful information in that.

I wish you ease and comfort and integration for full life in your present moment!