Medical Hypnotherapy Stories

A client had been experiencing severe pain from a kidney stone passing. It was taking weeks to pass and along with the physical discomfort, he was stressed by the delay in work and creative projects which this was causing him. He wanted the stone to pass quickly and easily. We went into hypnosis and he got an image of a favorite river he likes to visit, flowing full and strong. There was some debris in the river but the strong, open movement of the passing water carried it easily and without touching the river banks all the way down stream into the lake. He really got into this and reinforced the image after the session was over. And the kidney stone passed quite comfortably in the next several days!

head pendant

A client felt he was in the habit of urinating so frequently that it made him "have to go" sooner than he would have liked, especially for urgent situations such as when he was driving long distances. We went into hypnosis and his mind gave him a feeling image of a natural sponge. We went through him imagining that comfortably inside his body and, at the time his body signaled him that his bladder was full, he would gently envision the liquids absorbing into the expanding, spacious sponge. It worked great for him as a resource for when he was on the highway without being able to relieve himself immediately.


+++ TIP +++ Dream Understanding

There are so many written resources available for interpreting dreams. Most of them are based on common (or the author’s personal) understanding of symbols, because symbols are after all the language of the dream mind! Most of them use keywords to associate with the symbol: birds = freedom, houses = the self, etc. Those might have some truth and relevance for you; if so, use them! But you can come to understanding of your own dream symbols if you converse with yourself, literally imagining a conversation with yourself in which you ask yourself “what does (X) mean?” “What does the (Y) represent?” and so on, and listen for another part of yourself to respond. For some people this conversation with self-mind happens more effectively with writing than out loud or in imagined words. And finally, look at the nuances of how your dream mind gave you the symbol in the dream. If there was a bird, sure, that might mean freedom to you (did it?), but was the bird strong and clean and riding a fresh air current, or tired and worn and distressed, or hungry and scared? If there was a house, it might of course represent how you are seeing yourself, but is the house fresh and lived in, or empty and falling apart? What details can you notice about each “character” in the dream, even if they are objects? Details are where it’s at!! These will tell you a lot about what your mind was saying to you in the great theater of your dream.

I wish you clarity and self-understanding and insight!