Acoustic Massage

"How do I put into words such a luscious transcendent adventure? Acoustic Massage is an extraordinary private concert for your soul. If you love music and environmental sounds, you will transition to rapture in a matter of seconds. Heron orchestrates an aural, vibratory, and etheric journey that is purposeful, respectful, and above all celestial. [He sculpts] an auditory experience that energetically soothes and delights every level of your being."

purple flower

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"The Acoustic Massage was a great way to relax and just get into the joy of being. It was amazing how many different experiences it provided for me given the time elapsed. It showed me how much more I am than just this body I inhabit. Thank you, Heron, for an unforgettable guided journey in being."

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"The best part of the experience for me was that I found it so sensually awakening, and I experienced that re-awakening of sensory awareness as rejuvenating. I felt like a boy again, fully alive to the world around me. The experience was also stimulating creatively. I got the idea for a whole new sculpture series without having any conscious focus. It just came to me spontaneously."

— Alwyn de Wally, Berkeley