Personal Thinking Patterns

"When Heron first introduced me to the concept of Personal Thinking Patterns I felt like a huge piece of my puzzle clicked into place. I use my awareness of learning patterns every single day everywhere I go. The lessons Heron taught me constantly help me understand myself and others better. I feel like I have a priceless tool that is with me always in every situation."

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"I liked that there were lots of visuals and demonstrations on how this [Personal Thinking Patterns] process works. Fascinating topic - riveting and very practical and applicable to my life. [ I liked about Heron's facilitation] his ability to present - excellent skills. [And his] openness to what the group was experiencing and his ability to respond meaningfully..."

— Workshop participant

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"Heron's workshops… opened up a whole new world of understanding for me. His passionate and logical instruction gave me new insights into why people conflict… and how they can use this knowledge to better mesh their personality differences. In retrospect, it has also given me useful tools to communicate with people in my everyday life."

— Fakir Musafar, Father of the American "Modern Primitives" movement

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"Heron's Thinking Patterns Class had immediate, positive impact for me and my partner. We took it mainly to learn more about communicating with each other, and began applying what we'd learned during the lunch break on the first day. The week between the first and second day of the class was rich with insight and questioning.

The second day of class was even better than the first. If you can take both, definitely do so. I was able to get to a level of comfort with the material by the end of the second day that I found really rewarding.

Learning about Thinking Patterns has given me new ways to look at interacting with people, not just in my relationship, but in my family and social settings as well as my work. I've been recommending it especially to people who are in positions of teaching, managing, or counseling others.

Heron's warmth and creativity made the class safe, inviting, and fun for me. I'm glad to know he's bringing Thinking Patterns to other people in my city and community. My best wishes for continued learning and growth — his, yours, ours."