Past Life Regression / Transchronological Karmic Work

I love this important work, but frankly, I find that the term “Past Life” can be misleading and sensationalistic. Here’s why: Science tells us that our bodies regenerate themselves entirely (complete cellular replacement) every seven or so years. That being the case, I am not really physically the same person I was eight years ago (i.e. in THIS incarnation), so how can I claim to “be” or have "been” another person in a previous lifetime? But obviously there IS an interconnectedness going on for those who are open to perceiving it which makes information available to you through your tissue's cell memory and by the global knowledge to which you have access through your intuition. I can guide and support you in accessing that!

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Now here’s what I believe is going on when people talk about “past life” work: Whether one thinks of it as karma, archetypes, or energy patterns, there are archetypal themes that run through our lives. These energetic patterns are constantly traveling vibrationally through the electromagnetic energy field around us (and that our bodies are part of), across and through time and space. So, for instance, if I have a strong pattern of, say, sudden loss of loved ones, or financial debt, or inexplicable back pain, then along with the incidents of that pattern that I experience, I may be very receptive to similar patterns that have made up part of someone else’s life experience. After all, we all together make up the energy field the existing Universe. In that way, we ARE all one, and are each other.

It’s like radio waves of a specific frequency being picked up by someone tuned into that frequency. And perceiving and bringing to consciousness through your global, symbolic, hypnotic mind the similarly-patterned experience of another historical person’s loss of a loved one, or financial crisis, or back problems (or whatever) can be helpful. It can give you the detached perspective to understand the big picture of the situation that you can’t get looking directly at your own condition or situation. There are threads of meaning and experience that crisscross through all of life, connecting us and giving us access to wisdom and connection and healing — this work is a great way to tap into that and all its accompanying liberation and empowerment.

Here's how the session works: we start with an intention you have to explore some theme running through your life. It could be some recurring event pattern or some relational pattern that has a big emotional charge for you or some sight or place or experience that seems to "trigger" in you a powerful response. Then we see what presents itself to you in the symbolic imagery of your deeper mind. We do this with hypnosis, i.e. deep mental relaxation, (see Hypnotherapy page). There is time at the end of the session for you to process what you experienced travelling out in trance. Generally, I recommend to people to try this work when they have a couple of days following to regather their energy, reflect on their experience, and integrate what they learned about themselves, because transchronological consciousness, especially the first time, can take a lot of energy. My experience is that that energetic investment returns to you big time. I encourage you to contact me with specific questions if you feel this powerful work is for you.

Please ONLY pay for a session that you have already agreed on by phone or email or in person with Heron and before the session takes place, thank you.


$175 / 2-hr session

+++ TIP +++ Breathwork for quick relaxation

Full easy breaths and relaxation go hand in hand. Conversely, anytime any aspect of our being — body, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, etc. — tense up, our breathing usually follows in an irregular or tensed pattern So held breath equals tension and stuckness! Whenever you notice yourself tensing up in any way, try taking three very deep breaths, inhaling slowly each time through the nose to the top of your lungs’ capacity, and letting the exhale out like a big sigh, dropping your jaw and saying aloud, “Ahhhhhhh……..” and feel yourself come back into your bodymind with more presence for dealing with whatever is at hand.

I wish you relaxation and presence and aliveness!