Stone Medicine / Vibrational work

crystal layout

Mineral crystals are a millenia-old, subtle, pervasive, and powerful tool based in Quantum Physics: the vibrational rate at an atomic level of one material affecting that of another. In this case, a specific crystal affecting your body’s electromagnetic energy field and consequently your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states! Crystals, as a manifestation of a certain chemical molecule’s perfect self-organization, express a unique intelligence from which you can directly benefit!

Different topics include instruction and treatment in regard to choosing stones, programming of crystals with a given suggestion or desired outcome, balancing energy centers, consciousness work, laying on of stones (while reclined on a massage table or floor mattress), clearing and charging crystals, designing personal programs for creating change, combining this work with complementary techniques like breathwork or affirmations, etc.

opal crystal

Please ONLY pay for a session that you have already agreed on by phone or email or in person with Heron and before the session takes place, thank you.


$125 / 2-hour session

+++ TIP +++ Intuition

When you want to “know” something that you think you don’t “know”, it means that you don’t have conscious awareness of the information. But sometimes you do have deeper-conscious information about the question, whether that is a sensory impression, a sense of story, or actual precise and measurable factual information that you hadn’t recalled. The beginning of knowing is asking yourself consciously. Often aloud helps. And then breathing easily, be aware of what comes into your mind in whatever form — It might be a “guess”, it might be a question that points you in the right direction of knowing, it might be a visual image or sense of action. If it seems entirely unrelated to the situation you were asking about, could it be a metaphoric answer? Generally, asking yes/no questions yields a different sense than asking open questions does. Experiment, and don’t be afraid to try verifiable information and be honest with yourself about if you got an accurate “hit” or not!

I wish you peace and understanding and self-trust!