Acoustic Massage (Sound Vibration work)

Enjoy an easy, powerful, and pleasant trance journey into your deeper mind!

Sound vibration as a hands-off relaxation experience:

Acoustic Massage

I offer you Acoustic Massage in my clean, warm studio in San Francisco. You lie on an extra-wide massage table: securely suspended from above, an array of large cymbals, bells, and chimes is sounded using a variety of padded sticks and brushes. You are surrounded by harmonic brass and crystal singing bowls. Patterns of rhythm and pitch can include deep, low tones and high, clear ones. Acoustic Massage does not involve physical contact between practitioner and client — because, from less than two feet away, the gentle, penetrating, vibrating sounds from the instruments do the massaging quite deeply and effectively!

Rippling vibrations effecting energetic change:

Acoustic Massage

Acoustic Massage provides an opportunity for tactile experience of sound vibration which can effect physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional change in the recipient. With brief instruction, many people can open themselves to feeling — in addition to hearing — sound vibrations around them. As a holistic practice, Acoustic Massage can profoundly “shake up” and dissolve blocks in the energy patterns that form your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and bodies! The creative and free forms your directed thoughts and feeling can take in this state can be both exhilarating and quite entertaining! Your inner self is a travel experience waiting to happen!

General, deep relaxation or specific healing:

Each Acoustic Massage is individually designed in terms of options for your active or passive participation. Some recipients seek a general relaxation experience or to explore inner adventures through natural, safe trance, others to specifically create change in a given area of their life. Acoustic Massage complements other relaxation and integration techniques (e.g. breathwork, toning, affirmations, positioning/movement, etc.) and can facilitate creative problem-solving and visualizing change.

Please ONLY pay for a session that you have already agreed on by phone or email or in person with Heron and before the session takes place, thank you.


$175 / 90-minute session


$225 / 90-minute session for two people

+++ TIP +++ Toning

Using your breath and vocalization as a regulator is an ancient healing practice. Get comfortable and hold yourself so that your spine and ribcage are open and relaxed. Take a nice deep breath and let the exhale all the way out, NOT pushing it — just like an easy, relaxed sigh, all the way out. Saying “ahhhh” while you exhale is a good way to hear/feel its ease and completion………. With the next full inhale, pick a vowel sound (Ahhh, Ayyyy, Eeeee, Ohhhh, or Ooooo are good starters), and let your relaxed mouth, lips, and vocal chords sound this vowel. Let your voice find a volume and pitch that is comfortable and relaxed — it’s not about being loud or hitting a particular note, it’s about finding the pitch and volume that are right for you in this moment. Take another deep inhale, slow and delicious, and do it again with the same vowel sound and pitch when you find the ones that feel great. If any thought is bothering you, let your mind pass over it while you tone the sound to completion, everything relaxed. Let the thought pass through your mind like a cloud floating across the sky and out of view…

I wish you balance and openness and pleasure!