Individual Learning Assessment

Heron conducts a learning assessment

(I mean, like it's news...!) We each learn and think differently! And I mean REALLLLLLLY differently — some mainly in pictures, others primarily in feeling and action states, and some largely in words and sounds, (or of course combinations of those, depending on what the mind is doing at the moment, or what you'd like it to be doing!) So the question becomes HOW do we think, how do we process thought? Well, there are marvelously effective ways to actually track and map the differences! If you haven't read it, check out the section of this site on Personal Thinking Patterns™

…Based on the wonderful Personal Thinking Patterns™ model and other facets of how you naturally learn, think, and communicate, from my twenty plus years as an educator and as an active learner I can take you through a deconstruction of the elements of your personal learning style, discovering with you the ways in which your mind most effectively processes information. It’s quite a detective process. Come discover your mind!!!

Here’s how it works: we get together for about two hours and do some fun exercises, almost like games really, and we notice details about how you perceive and express information. You tell me the things you already know about how you process information. And we apply that to your particular, current learning challenges, shaping new strategies for approaching what you want to deal with more effectively. I bet I'll notice things about you that you may not know about yourself: how you perceive and express information visually, through sounds and words, and through physical objects and space, and how those block or open your thinking in different situations! I’ll ask clarifying questions and we’ll try different ways to verify what works for you. You may be surprised at some of the small changes we can identify that open the way for your mind to bridge obstacles that in the past have seemed over-challenging and impassible! Get past your obstacles beginning with an Individual Learning Assessment!

Please ONLY pay for a session that you have already agreed on by phone or email or in person with Heron and before the session takes place, thank you.


$125 for two-hour session (with email/written summary of findings and recommendations)


$275 for two-person Relationship Assessment includes two one-hour individual sessions and one one-hour session for both

+++ TIP +++ Endlessly looping picture, sound, or feeling — getting unstuck

If you have a visual picture in your mind’s eye, or a sound such as a song, or even an imagined emotion or feeling looping endlessly through your mind, and can’t get it out of your head and it is causing you tension or irritation, there is a way that perhaps you can clear it. You are noticing the focus of your inner mind’s attention. Frequently, the solution to getting your inner mind to “let go” of something that is bothering you is to deliberately focus your OUTER attention on something else in the present moment: If your inner mind is continuously playing back traffic noise or disco music or some song, breathe and focus on outer sound in this moment — the wind in the trees or your own breathing, the refrigerator’s hum…. If you are continuously seeing in your mind’s eye the angry face of someone you had a confrontation with, breathe and focus on the color, light/darks, reflections, whatever is visually right in front of you right now. If you are continuously feeling say an emotional state like fear or anger that is no longer serving you, but you just can’t seem to let it go, try breathing and focusing on the outer physical sensations of this moment — the hardness of the chair you’re sitting on, the temperature of the air where you are, smells, the texture of your clothing, anything here and now. Sometimes it takes a few repetitions to clear and quiet the mind.

I wish you peace and relaxation and ease!